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FOALE Family History


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My own branch of the FOALE family were in Moreleigh Devon (and also possibly in East Allington) at the end of the 17th Century, moving to Colehanger Manor Farm, East Allington, Devon in the early 18th Century, moving to Plymouth, Devon at the beginning of the 19th Century, (with some members remaining in Portlemouth & Salcombe) moving to Deptford, Kent (South London) in 1870. The family regularly used the FOALLE variant of the name spelling.

I am also researching, as part of my own and my wife's Family History, the following linked names:

ABLETHORP (pre 1840 Simpson & Walton, BKM)

AVERY (pre 1700, BKM)

BARDONS (pre 1680, DVN)

CALLAGHAN (pre 1860's Cork??, IRL & from 1840's  - 1950's St.Olaves, SRY)

CROSSMAN (1800's St.Olaves, SRY)

DICKENS (pre 1800's Mursley, BKM)

DRURY (1800's Southwark, SRY)

(D)(E)WAN(D) (1800's - 1920's Bermondsey, SRY),

FLAXMAN (early 1800's Burnham Thorpe, NFK)

GORDAN (pre 1750 Old Bradwell, BKM)

HIGGINS (1800's, St.Giles & St.Ebbes Oxford OXF),

HOWES (mid 1700's Thornham Magna, SFK)

KEL(L)EHER (1800's Bermondsey, SRY)

LAKE (late 1700's Plymouth, DVN),

LAMBLE (pre 1750's, Chivelstone, DVN)

LEWIS (late 1700's Little Walsingham, NFK)

MOGG (late 1700's Topsham, 1830's Totnes, 1850's Devonport DVN)

PILGRIM (pre 1750 Old Bradwell, BKM)

PLANT (1750's, LIN)

READ (mid 1700's Thornham Magna, SFK)

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