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FOALE Family History


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The FOALE name was registered with The Guild of One Name Studies, (GOONS), Goswell Rd. London in 1991. The aims and objectives of the Guild are: (a) To advance the education of the public in the study of genealogy and family history of persons with the same name and its variants. (World-wide) (b) To promote the preservation and publication of The resultant data, and to maximise its accessibility to interested members of the public. Why not visit the Guild Web Site and check out your Family Names http://www.one-name.org/

My email address via the guild is foale@one-name.org

I would very much welcome further contacts from any Foale Family related members, however distant.

Booklet: In 1995 I produced a 21 page A5 extended version of my original Introduction to the FOALE Family History with maps, charts and details of its sub-groups throughout the world. If you would like a copy please let me know.

For further detailed information on your FOALE family ancestors please send me an email. I shall be pleased to hear from you.

If you are a Foale why not join the user group 'We Are All Foales' on Facebook.

Records: My main family history records since 1992 have been held and maintained on a 'Pedigree' family history software package. I have approx. 6500 Foale's and Foale Family connections recorded with 2600 marriages and 1600 other events. Members of 'the family' are now located the UK, America, Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Romania, South Africa, Spain and occasionally in space! The largest contingent are now in Australia. I am in contact with over 150 Foale Family Members World Wide.

My Policy on Information Provision: I shall be pleased to provide details of your own Foale Family line. There is considerable pleasure to be obtained from conducting your own research - in these cases I should be happy to provide guidance if you are stuck. Conducting a one-name study is very rewarding - it is about people - families - linking and contacting family members, the little details are so valuable. The re-checking of original information often identifies additional details missed on first read through. The rapid distribution of information via the Internet has taken a lot of the excitement away from original research and has reduced checking of details. Family contacts are not established, those extra important little details do not get discovered, errors are broadcast as 'genuine',. Information donated freely is packaged and sold by unscrupulous companies.

To maintain the family contacts and encourage research, my normal policy is not to provide detailed information beyond the direct family line. If both parties are in agreement I shall be pleased to identify others researching a particular family line and re-introduce 'cousins'. Confidentiality of living persons should be respected.